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  1. F

    Open fermentation experiment

    I would like to know what you all think about a small open fermentation I am attempting with this Hefeweizen I brewed yesterday. I ended up with around 4 gallons and put the bulk of it in my plastic 5 gallon bucket fermentor with an airlock. This jar has no airlock and a ziplock bag over the...
  2. B

    Discarded live yeast

    Hi, I was interested to know about the community's thoughts. I have recently made another batch of Hefeweissen (my favourite beer), but I am still finding that I am tweaking the processes every time I am making in order to make a better and better tasting beer. Here's the question...After about...
  3. leskohomebrews

    Adding orange peel to hefeweizen

    I like the idea of adding orange peel to my hefeweizen, but how and when is the best way?