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  1. jlash630

    Weihenstaphen Hefe orignal gravity

    Good morning, On the brewery website the OG is listed as %/weight.. is this % sugar? I am having trouble converting this to *Plato or specific gravity.. I intend to brew a "clone" of this on saturday and am trying to finalize the details in Beersmith. Currently I have my OG set for 1.052 which...
  2. G

    Wheat beer, preserving banana flavour

    Hello All, My wheat beers lose the banana flavour after a few months, can anyone suggest any measures to preserve it for longer? I'm going to try storing colder but would be interested in any preservatives I could add or any other tips or tricks. I do bottle condition so nothing that will kill...
  3. williamgardner

    First Hefeweizen...Feedback

    This is my first Hefeweizen. Brewing this for our annual week at our family camp. Love Hefe's but am certainly no expert in the style. My plan is an easy drinking, thirst quenching hefe with some subtle honey mixed in with the banana/clove undertones that should develop from the strain of yeast...