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  1. A

    SS Brewtech FTSs2 controller keeps turning off and on

    Hey guys so I just filled my 14 gal unitank for the first time and the main controller where you plug in the cooling coil and heat jacket keeps turning on and off. I can't even set the temperature I want before it turns off and back on. Has anyone had this problem? any recommendations ideas? thanks!
  2. mtbr_brewer

    Nebraska Polished e-Keggles (NEED TO SELL) - Free Shipping to IA, IL, NE, MN, ND, SD, & WI

    Hey All, Well these have been sitting in my basement for too long. I have two polished e-keggles I am looking to sell that were originally part of my e-HERMS. Only selling as I upgraded to Spike kettles. Both of these would be fantastic options for e-BIAB or two vessel system with the...
  3. Iowa Brewer

    Heat Mat in Fermentation Chamber, Question

    Hey all, Just bought an Apollo Horticulture Heat Mat to put in my downstairs fridge, which I use as a fermentation chamber. Any of you use something like this in winter to keep ale yeast happy, and where to put it. Bottom of the fridge would be a logical choice, but I modified the fridge...
  4. D

    Drinking Finished Product Kombucha Refrigerated cold, room temp, or heated

    Hi, I am looking for information on drinking Kombucha warm vs cold. I have been drinking it room temperature mostly, sometimes refrigerated. Can it maintain all the benefits after microwaving it to drink it like a hot tea? Thanks