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  1. P

    Any way to connect the SS BrewTech eController 1V without using a dedicated 240V outlet circuit?

    Hi Everybody, This is my first post and I really hope it is not too long of a post. I finally made the move from gas to electric brewing about a month ago and decided to purchase the SS Brewtech eController 1V and their eKetlle. When the package finally arrived, I was surprised to find out that...
  2. K

    WTB Blichmann boil coil and controller

    I’m looking for the 15 gal 240v boil coil. Also an eBIAB 240v controller with a 4 prong power cord. Something along the lines of Blichman, wort hog ebc-130, or Auber. Nothing fancy, just enough to keep mash temps and plug a pump into. Located in So. California Thanks JP
  3. mtbr_brewer

    Nebraska Polished e-Keggles (NEED TO SELL) - Free Shipping to IA, IL, NE, MN, ND, SD, & WI

    Hey All, Well these have been sitting in my basement for too long. I have two polished e-keggles I am looking to sell that were originally part of my e-HERMS. Only selling as I upgraded to Spike kettles. Both of these would be fantastic options for e-BIAB or two vessel system with the...
  4. DMA

    New Electric Brewery...

    Can anyone tell me if if there is a 240v 5500w ULWD rippleripple e that will fit a kettle with an inside diameter of 13.6 in? I've been searching for some time now, but can't seem to find one. Thanks.
  5. E

    Contactor, SSR Wiring Confusion

    I currently have a control panel wired for 1 HLT heating element. It is wired into 1 SSR and the PID. I am wanting to add another heating element for the boil kettle. After looking at some diagrams they have contactors added with a switch with the SSR still wired to the heating element : Below...
  6. J

    Heating element for 10 gallon SS Brewtech Kettle

    Hey everyone, Looking to turn my setup into an ebiab set up and have a ten gallon SS Brewtech Kettle. I was looking to go the 240v 30a route and use a 5500 watt element but every element I can find is too long for the kettle diameter. The diameter of the kettle is 13.8 inches and I was looking...
  7. ExMachina

    Brew kettle with lowest TC for heating element?

    Am desperately trying to get my eBIAB train rolling, but I seem to keep hitting bumps. First was electrical, now it's the brew kettle. All I want is a 20 gal kettle with a heating element port (2"TC) that is as low as possible (port center ~1.25" from the base. This will allow more flexibility...
  8. A

    equipment - full grain 6/7 gallons (30L)

    hallo, I'm looking for suggestions for a full-grain setup. I would like to go for ca. 6.5 gallons / 30 liters of beer. I already have fermenter and tools, and I am looking around for options for a brew kettle and heating unit. I really like the setup a la' Robobrew, with a false bottom...
  9. S

    Grainfather Conical Fermenter Not Heating beyond 97 degrees Farenehit

    Hello lovers of liquid paradise! So I bought this Grainfather Conical Fermenter and I can't get it to go over 97 degrees. I have the digital temperature controller which is supposed to be as easy as pushing a button, and then it gets and stays at the right temp! But mine won't budge pass 97...
  10. agezzi

    how do u wire a 110v element to a regular wall outlet

    I live in and apartment and just started all grain. Its hell getting water to boil in a 40qt stock pot. how would i go about hooking up a heater element to it. does anyone know what steps i need to take on wiring and installing into pot. is there a way to do this with no welding and a regular...