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  1. bgs8884

    Sold Fermotemp Electric Fermentation Carboy Heater - $10

    Take control of your fermentation with the FermoTemp® electric heater. To consistently create your favorite beer or wine you'll need precise control of your fermentation temperature. Attach the FermoTemp to a fermenter to raise the temperature of fermenting beer or wine. The FermoTemp attaches...
  2. AntDoctor

    Heating a keezer/fermentation chamber: best options?

    I am using my custom-made keezer as a temperature-controlled fermentation chamber, at least during the holidays. I was checking the temp while I was away (it sends the temperature info to a server via the Wi-Fi) and I noticed that it wasn't oscillating or even reaching the minimum temperature I...
  3. blasterooni

    Carboy heater (DIY? Maybe?)

    I purchased some voss kveik for a future cider brew, and being quite new to brewing, I am looking for the right kind of carboy heater so that I can get the temperature up to 90 degrees or so given this is the recommended temperature for this yeast. I see heaters that wrap around the carboy and...
  4. khumbu76

    Colorado Brewjacket Immersion Pro with Extras

    Hey Everyone! I have a VERY lightly used Immersion Pro that I am selling. It is 100% operational and I have only used it on two batches. I am moving my brewing operation to a location with too little clearance, so it just doesn't fit on any of my fermentors in the cabinet. This unit is...
  5. U

    Illinois Fermenting and temperature control equipment - $200

    Purging equipment from recent upgrades, make an offer if you buy the whole lot, $200 for everything (over $370 in equipment) pictures of each item below: 2 Fastferment 3 gallon conical fermenters, brand new never used in box $40/each or both for $60 Stainless steel dry hopping tube, 2...
  6. K

    saison off flavour from heat mat?

    I just racked a split batch: 3 fermenters, 3 separate saison yeasts (WLP566, M29 and BE-134). I have two heaters (the flat mat type that goes under the fermenter) + controllers for each. The set-up I settled on was to control the WLP566 batch and M29 batch and then I balanced the BE-134 on top...
  7. jbenguinn

    Texas Downsized & Now Home Brew Equipment Must Go

    Hi y'all, We've moved back into an apartment, and I have to give up brewing for a while. I've got a bunch of equipment I need to part ways with. It's priced to sell so we can get rid of it. Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/eyIPyvhw7borFgaZ2 Keggle: $60 15G aluminum kettle: $40 5G...
  8. inkbird

    Big sales Inkbird Thermostats with largest discount,Best time to buy!!!

    :ban:Discount season of Inkbird thermostat coming! The largest discount in the history , it is the best time to carry it to home!:rockin: Whether you are in French or Spain ? If yes , the best promotion coming to you !:mug: French sales link with discount 15%+...