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  1. K

    Super thick SCOBY!!!

    So I have two consistent brews of Kombucha fermenting at different times, one is just green tea, the other is green tea and hibiscus. To give you context I left for military training for 3 months and just left them on the table, when I came back I was shocked! This is what I came back too...
  2. A

    Beer Make You Healthier?

    This is my first thread so go easy on me. I am going to try this out on your guys before I take it to the wife. I need to make sure there are no flaws in my presentation. :rolleyes: I drink beer daily and look forward to that after-work brew (or two). For the past few years I have not...
  3. oneawesomeguy


    So what do you guys think about plastic in brewing? I have always been a bit reluctant to using plastics in cooking and storing food (I use only glass, cast iron, and stainless steal). Does anybody know of any ill-effects using plastic may have on one's health? I remember back in high school my...