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  1. Upstate12866

    How to maximize head/foam?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had tips for maximizing head and foam. This is especially hard for me in extract recipes. I've been doing some research before posting. Looks like adding wheat helps (does this include wheat extract?) and "cara" type steeping grains. I'm seeing mixed...
  2. A

    Too much head space??

    I bottled my first batch of beer this morning and I need input. Did I leave too much head space in the bottles? The bottle on the left is the remainder of my batch which is why it is about half full.
  3. DanInSydney

    Head retention

    I’ve made a couple of extract brews and although they taste great. Original Bitter & Northern Brown Ale. HOWEVER... although they’ve carbonated with the right amount of fizz I was going for in each style, I get crappy head retention. I doubt it’s the bottles as I’ve tried a few types. I’ve...
  4. K

    Overly Foamy Beers

    I recently went through a case of old (1-2 years) homebrews to see how they had been holding up to age. Almost every single beer was too foamy when poured, some were clearly over carbed, but others appeared fine until they were poured into a glass at which point they became mostly head. I have...
  5. J

    Head Retention Issues (I've Tried Everything!)

    So I've been brewing all-grain BIAB, 4-4.5 gallon batches, for about 4 years now. I brewed extract for a couple of years beforehand. I've consistently had head retention issues with my beer. When I brewed extract, this was never an issue. After searching the internet and these forums...
  6. I

    Co2 vs Carapils for excellent head

    So guys, I’m trying to find a way to see what the difference is between using carapils for head retention vs just using more carbonation to “push” the head out of the beer. If my beers seem kind of flat when the head dissipates I’m thinking that I don’t have enough Co2 in my beers or there’s...
  7. F

    I got over the gentle pour and now I have great head

    I have been brewing for 8 months now and I was getting rather mad cause none of my beers seemed to be carbing up....even after a few months of conditioning...Then tonight while pouring a homebrew I asked myself.. why are you being so gentle???? I decided to pour my brew a bit higher above the...