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    Final Weekend to Enter Giveaway - Discounts Coming to an End

    This is the end, my only friend the end... Alright ladies and gentlemen this is it, your final weekend to enter the 2015 Big Giveaway and sign up for supporting membership at the reduced rate. This is an amazing chance to win a ton of awesome gear from our gracious sponsors who choose to give...
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    HomeBrewTalk Tips and Tricks

    Here's an assortment of useful features in the HBT forum that don't get used enough. I'm a supporting (paying) member. Some of these things might not work if you are not a supporting member. Also, I have no idea if any of these apply to the mobile app; I only use the web site on my PC, with...
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    How to Best Utilize HomeBrewTalk

    So here we find ourselves again, delving into the countless threads and articles on HomeBrewTalk. We all have our reasons... Some of us are new to brewing and are scrambling to absorb every bit of knowledge possible before we go and start pitching yeast all over the place. Others are our...