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    Brew & A: Wesley "WesleyS" Sipanka

    Texans are known for three things. Big personalities, being the friendliest people on the planet, and their love of horsing around. If you've met Wesley "WesleyS" Sipanka in real life, or online you know Wes fits all those qualifications very well. One of the outright friendliest members...
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    Brew & A: Thad "GilaMinumBeer" Johnson

    Knowledge is a funny thing. It has so many ways of being conveyed, so many methods of entering our consciousness that we rarely note them. Beer is one the holders of knowledge that rarely gets noted. Not its impact, who drinks it, which regions drink the most, all of that which is much studied...
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    Brew & A: Mike "Stauffbier" Stauffer

    Why are there so many Texas homebrewers? Home to a significant amount of our community, a couple of the admins included, Texas produces brewers who in turn produce a wealth of information and experience adding to the complexity, proficiency, and quality of our beers. Meet Stauffbier. Known in...