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  1. javert

    Turbid beer: is the extract or the malt the culprit?

    Hi brewers. I've recently changed a barleywine recipe from Great Western Malting's Premium Two Row malt to Avangard's Pilsen Malt and from brown sugar addition at boil to Briess's Pilsen Light DME (I use a bit of Crystal 120 malt to add color just as before). To my dismay, the last two batches...
  2. milleniarist

    Seeking permanent haze in a witbier

    I'm doing my research for brewing a Witbier with 45% heirloom raw wheat and I found this remark in Stan Hieronymus' ´Brewing with Wheat´: I've had exactly that happening to a saison I made using 20% raw wheat + 20% malted wheat + 5% flaked oats; the haze precititated in the bottle during the...
  3. A

    Haze dropping after a few weeks

    I have been making NEIPA's for a couple years. I've got pretty good at the overall making of it. They usually come out hazy, juicy pretty close to the style. But they all seemingly begin loosing the haze after a 2-3 weeks? They still taste good but the haze just drops. Does anyone have an idea...
  4. A

    What type of haze is this and how to clear

    Hi all, This is my first post but I've spent many hours reading threads on here over the past few weeks. A couple of weeks ago I started my first home brew, a cheap and simple blonde can kit from muntons. I wanted to get a feel(and taste) of home brew before I committed to a proper set-up for...
  5. frankvw

    How much wheat to cause chill haze?

    I've been brewing all-grain beers for about 8 years now. My three latest brews were all Belgian beers which contained a small amount (about 4%) of wheat. They all developed chill haze the moment I stuck them in the fridge. (Yes, I know, these beers shouldn't be served at fridge temperatures, but...
  6. Bad Bubba

    Haze question

    I brewed a blonde ale, kegged it, added gelatin fining, but it ended up with a haze. It looked like a hazy IPA. It tasted fine. Now it has been in the keezer for couple of months and almost gone and last night I poured a glass and it was crystal clear. Tasted the same but I was wondering...
  7. okiedog

    Some of my ales not clearing

    Lately I've noticed that my ales don't clear up like they used too. I can use gelatin in the keg, but sometimes they still have a very slight haze. My process has not changed, but I do pitch from slurry, and I'm thinking it is time to replace some of my yeasts. I leave my ales in primary for...
  8. beervoid

    NEIPA's Whirlfloc and the case of polyphenol haze

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share some thoughts. I've been brewing NEIPA's for quiet some time now. Experimenting with wheat/oat percentages and also with and without kettle finings, in this case whirlfloc. I'm of the opinion that large percentages of oats or wheats cause a haze that combined...
  9. K

    Imperial Yeast A38 Juice

    So I'm a fairly new homebrewer, using Imperial Yeast's A38 Juice for an NEIPA this weekend for the first time. I'm wondering if I should propagate a starter for it? My target post boil OG is 1.067. I appreciate any help!
  10. Darth_Morris

    Yeast haze issue with BE-256?

    Hey everyone, I've been using Safale BE-256 to brew a belgian blond and have been running into an issue with haze. Normally I wouldn't mind, but at times the amount of yeast present in the bottom of the bottle just seems absurd (I've measured around 0.5cm in height from the bottom in standard...
  11. W

    Solids suspended in top of carboy

    In order to up the sugar content of a new batch of cider, I pasteurized a hone/water mix. After letting this cool to the point where I could dip a (sanitized) finger in it without scalding myself, poured the mixture into the remaining head space in my carboy. Now there seems to be a haze of...
  12. W

    Cloudy Beer in Secondary (NOT Chill Haze)

    Hi Everyone, 2 weeks ago I brewed up my first attempt at a Belgian Blond Ale. Everything went great, and after 2 weeks in the primary, primary fermentation has pretty much completed (I hit my FG on the nose), and the beer was nice and clear. I auto-siphoned to a secondary last night, and am...