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  1. 2row

    Michigan Anyone try hops from Blue Lake Hops in Michigan?

    Does anyone have experience using hops from Blue Lake Hops in west Michigan? Looks like their process is to freeze and vacuum pack fresh hops from the bine with no drying or additional processing. I'm interested to learn more about how they perform in a brew day and resulting beer. THE BLUE...
  2. Hefferweizen

    Glucoamylase in harvested yeast for Brut series

    Anyone have experience with harvesting and re-pitching yeast containing Gluco enzyme additions? I'm trying a Brut IPA test series and want to use the same yeast and enzyme. My main question is how well does the enzyme perform after weeks in refrigeration and does it mutate the yeast in any...
  3. goodolarchie

    Anyone used Brewers Harvest Fruit (11/44lb aceptic purees)?

    Just curious if anybody has used one of these yet, what fruit went on what beer, and what were the results? For context: https://www.southernhomebrew.com/breworchpure.html I've used a lot of the Vintner's Harvest - Oregon Fruit Company 49oz cans with success, I'd say in general they make a...
  4. Trey Ark

    Mouse Poo and Apples...

    Hey Everyone, I've been busy with multiple brews, college, and work. I left some of my favorite apples in the garage, meaning to use them the next day but life happened and they've sat out there. I've thrown out the rotting ones and found some mouse poop in one of my boxes. I have another box...
  5. DrGarbonzo

    Bottle dregs yeast harvest - success -Unibroue; Allagash

    While there appears to be some debate about the quality of Unibroue bottle fermented yeast dregs*, I had a successful fermentation using dregs from 4 or 5 bottles of their variety 6 pack (Maudite, Blanche, Trois Pistoles, Fin du Monde, others). While it did not end up with Belgian fruity...
  6. bovine_OB

    Anybody harvesting hops yet?

    Northern Neb has seen an unusually high amount of precipitation this year, and has been moderately warm (80s-90s) but nothing extreme. This past week I have been noticing quite a few Cascade cones starting to brown, the lupulin is darkening, and the leafy portion of the cone is...
  7. K

    Consistency while harvesting Yeast

    I just recently started fermenting in a conical fermenter. I am trying to collect some trub from the fermenters after about 4 days. The consistency is more like milk than cream, the temp is 68 and I have not cold crashed yet. Am I collecting to early? How long should I wait to collect, then...