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  1. RudeBooch

    Tilt Hydrometer reading wrong SG wort

    So im brewing hard kombucha. After calibrating the tilt meter to the app, i get a refractor meter reading and dunk the hydrometer in the tank. After a couple of days, my SG wort went from 1.051 to 1.015. Of course i double checked it and clearly was off. I had recently changed from using water...
  2. RudeBooch

    Hard Coffee Kombucha

    So Im experimenting with cold brew and kombucha and want to take the next step and boozing it up. I want to see what your thoughts and ideas are for choosing a good alcohol yeast. I have a gluten free ale yeast I can use, but Im not too sure if the cold brew and the ale yeast will make a good...
  3. A

    Hard Booch Headaches

    I've got a good handle (or so I think) on making regular kombucha, but am new to making hard booch so this post could be filled with basic idiocy...feel free to point out, poke fun at, whatever... :) Problem: I've been trying to get high alcohol booch, but the added yeast ends up floating on...