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  1. Kalaloch

    Hard Ginger Beer Nutrients

    I've made 30+ gallons of hard ginger beer and have used yeast nutrient and yeast energizer but no other nutrients. Should I be adding other nutrients such as citric acid, tannins, or anything else to help the yeast feel happy with its basic needs?
  2. Kalaloch

    Hard Ginger Beer addition ideas

    After a bunch of attempts I’ve finally come up with a great Hard Ginger Beer recipe and have made 20 gallons over the last year. But now I’m looking to make some variations of it with additional ingredients, but not sure what to use. Do anyone have any ideas that might pair well with Ginger...
  3. Kalaloch

    Safale S-04 yeast slow fermentation

    Sorry This is a Yeast & Hard Ginger Beer question, I didn’t see a forum for that. I did a hard ginger beer (5 gallons) with Safale S-04 yeast and used 5.5 lbs of granulated sugar. The OG was 1.080 and now 20 days later it is only at 1.032. It’s been fermenting at approx. 65-68 degrees. I also...