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  1. renrutle

    Fermented peppers

    I am working on refining my lacto fermented pickles, chip dip, and salsa. This is my latest attempt. Started as 2# habanero, 2# onion, and 3 cups of 4% salt water. After the ferment is complete in in 5-6 days I plan to cook with bread & butter spices for a mucho caliente chip dip.
  2. Bad Bubba

    Getting heat into beer with Habanero Chilis

    I am experimenting to make a habanero IPA. I am putting chopped habanero peppers into the secondary. I have initially put one pepper in but after a few days there was only a hint of heat. I then added another chopped pepper and after a couple of days there is a nice warmth in the throat and...
  3. ealu-scop

    Habanero Cider

    So here's my plan: -1 gallonish organic fresh cider -2 habaneros, stems removed, sliced lengthwise -Cinnamon sticks (not sure how many yet) -pitch yeast (cider house select from brewers best) and air lock The plan is to move to secondary after fermentation, leaving peppers and sticks behind...