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  1. A

    Is this cider salvageable? Spiderweb-like white growth on top...

    Hi all, I have a cider that I racked to secondary (with what I realize now is way too much headspace :S) about 2 weeks ago. About a week into the secondary, one carbuoy started to develop a white film on top that has since grown quite a bit. From some digging in these forums I think it might be...
  2. S

    It’s not growing like the rest of the SCOBY

    What is this brown growth? Is it safe to continue? These were taken 18hrs in.
  3. Jeff Brewton

    Unwelcome guest (villian?) on my cider

    Hello All! I've been making cider for quite some time, but have come across a new type of film on top of one of my mixed batches from last fall. I used campden tablets to sterilize and a basic wine yeast to ferment with no other additives other than some yeast nutrient. I took a look the other...