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  1. B

    For Sale 2 Gallon Fermenter, 2 uKegs, 2 Growlers, and Accessories - Houston, TX

    I am selling the following items (see pictures). Altogether for $400, but willing to sell individual components. Mr. Beer 2 Gallon Fermenter Mr. Beer St. Patrick's Irish Stout Standard Refill Mr. Beer Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner Mr. Beer Oktoberfest Lager Mr. Beer Brewmax Booster (6)...
  2. Sammy86

    Growlers filled-Event Cancelled

    Hello Brewers, This is a first for me and I need some help. I have 4 Growlers filled with beer for an event this weekend that unfortunately has been cancelled due to the impending Hurricane/Tropical storm hitting New England. All were filled with a blichmann beer gun and flushed with CO2. How...
  3. marlinmatt

    For Sale Pressurized Growler 128oz w carry case

    Spotted Dog 128 oz pressurized Growler. I replaced my UKeg with this, and like it even better. Works fantastic! I actually forgot about it in my fridge for over a year, and the beer was still carbed and perfect! Comes with a UKeg canvas and leather carry case with strap, and a bunch of co2...
  4. marlinmatt

    Counterpressure bottle fillers

    Hook up to co2, and keg and start filling bottles. We used a splitter, and 2 guys can fill really quick, once you get the hang of it. Add co2 to purge oxygen, then hit the beer control. Both for $50 10 to ship, if needed Thanks, Matt
  5. A

    HomeBrewTalk Growlers now in Store!

    I'm happy to let everyone know that the HomeBrewTalk growlers are now in the HomeBrewTalk store! These are 64 oz growlers printed front and back with the HomeBrewTalk logo. To get your own please follow this link. To celebrate getting these in we're running a quick giveaway. You have to be...
  6. Foam Stand

    Minnesota $10 Glass Carboys, $1 Growlers and Free Odds & Ends

    I'm clearing out the garage and need to unload some unused equipment. Looking to make deals so make offer. Local pick up in the Twin Cities x1 – 5 gallon glass carboy $10 x2 – 3 gallon glass carboy $10 each Odds and ends - x2 drilled pin lock keg lids – $5 each - x5 growlers - $1 each - One...
  7. J

    For Sale: Home brew kit plus extras

    Mash tun, HT,LT with thermo, transfer bucket, fermentation bucket, 2 Pepsi keg's with quick connects, burner, wort chiller, cleaning items and bottle rack, extra growlers and seals. Co2 canister with gages. These items are all new and have not been used , besides the Pepsi keg's. All are 1/4...
  8. Willyd57

    Best storage solution for 5 gal batches

    Hi all, and thanks for allowing me to be a part of this group. It's awesome. I have brewed my own beer in the past, but that was using a pair of 5 gal buckets and some extract. Looking back on that experience, I can say that even using extract produced better beer than I was buying at the...
  9. racin_ny

    DIY Simulated Brew Pub Wort Chiller Growler Display Rack

    I had a ton of growlers floating around and no where to put them. So I built a simulated wort chiller on the wall of my bar in my house. It's really a Growler Display Rack. First I bought a bunch of 3/4" black pipe fittings from Lowe's, Running's and Home Depot. I put them together to make...
  10. thelusiv

    Mead question: head space?

    How much head space should I leave in my fermentation vessels for making mead? I know with beer I should have about 1/5 of the batch volume of space to leave room for kräusen even with a blowoff tube. I've read a lot about mead making but haven't a good idea of how much, if any, kräusen is...