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  1. alastairblake

    Choosing heritage/landrace barley and wheat for lambic style beer

    Hey HomebrewTalk, A farmer friend has agreed to sow some old landrace / heritage barley and wheat for me to brew with. I am seeking help to identify the best varieties to plant. These grains are being targeted for use in brewing true-to-form Lambic and Gueuze beer. I plan on using the...
  2. laurakeating

    What's wrong with my cider?

    This is my first batch ever. I used a storebought, pasteurized, 100 percent juice with a wild yeast starter I made from storebought apple juice and organic berries. A few days into fermentation I noticed stuff growing on top that smelled like yeast. What is it? My cider doesn't smell bad, it...
  3. E

    Growing Ingredients for Use in Your Homebrew

    For most homebrewers, the process begins and ends in their brewing area, and whatever goes into their beer comes from their friendly neighborhood homebrew supply shop or their favorite online retailer. While there is nothing wrong with that-- it’s a system that serves countless happy homebrewers...