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  1. T

    I have found feral or naturalized hops growing in the chehalis valley near the outskirts of old hop growing farms that date to 1915

    Would anybody be interested in spreading the genetics as it being from preprohibotion plants that have been able to cope with powdery mildew and possibly have been reproducing via seed
  2. EdWort

    Second try at hops

    Howdy, It's been a long time since I've posted and this year I've decided to give hops another try in central Texas. This time, it was 4 Cascade rhizomes, but planted in a large deep water trough using the same setup for the twine for the hop bines to climb. So far so good. One has reached...
  3. D

    Cloning my hops from the cuttings!

    I decided not to eat my hop shoots from the cuttings this year as last year. This year it´s time to do some hop cloning to get more hop plants!
  4. E

    Growing Hops: Soil Preparation & Composting With Spent Grains

    Before long, any homebrewer with a little yard space is going to start eyeing up the corners of his or her yard and thinking about where to plant some hops. We encourage that urge! As we’ve touched on before, gardening for your homebrew is a great extension of the hobby, and even with a plant as...
  5. E

    Growing Hops With Limited Space

    There are few things in the homebrew world as enjoyable as growing your own hops. Being able to craft a killer pale ale or IPA with hops you grew yourself is not only fun; it’s one of brewing’s most enjoyable bragging points (and let’s be honest, we all like a small brag now and then)...
  6. J

    Grow your own Hops - Backyard Hops Trellis Design

    So you want to grow your own hops, huh? The long and short of it is that the things grow as fast as bamboo and need constant management from April to September. Still want to grow hops? Awesome, here's one way to set up a small backyard hops garden that yielded almost a pound of wet hops, in...
  7. D

    Check out the massive roots on my hops grown in just water

    Second video out in my mini-series about growing hydroponic hops. Growing without soil in water. Check out the roots so far!!!
  8. C

    Just completed building my hop fence

    I know it's not the ideal way to grow hops, but I am looking to add astetically as well as provide privacy for my beer garden (under construction)
  9. thesanch

    Growing Hops in AZ.

    I started growing hops down here in Tucson, AZ. Started with just 2 varieties Cascade and Magnum(although I bought a few others to give to my aunt and father-in-law). Both are doing very well, but the Magnum seems to have an early lead. Checkout my blog for updates and pictures...
  10. Ky-Ale

    How do i exract a hop rhizome from an exsisting plant?

    I know of a farm in my hometown in Michigan that has hops growing like crazy all over playground equipment and there barns. I know they do not sell them and I'm almost certain they dont even want the plants there. If i can convince them to let me get the rhizome off the hops growing there i want...
  11. B

    Hops in Connecticut.

    Im really interested in growing my own hops. I like dark bitter beers and love the taste of hops. I was wondering what kind of hops would be the best in a New England climate... whats a proven technique for growing them... etc... I currently have access to a greenhouse with all the good stuff...