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    Super thick SCOBY!!!

    So I have two consistent brews of Kombucha fermenting at different times, one is just green tea, the other is green tea and hibiscus. To give you context I left for military training for 3 months and just left them on the table, when I came back I was shocked! This is what I came back too...
  2. E

    recipe scaling and experimental recipes

    hi, i am relatively new to brewing but love it. I have only brewed one recipe made by someone else (my first batch, a bland scottish ale), and am bubbling with ideas for new unorthodox beers (inclusion of things like tea, spices, even some veggies). i am planning on brewing a green tea ipa...
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    Green Tea beer recipe

    Hey everyone!!! I'm new on here just wanted to say hi to everyone :D I'm pretty adventurous when it comes making to beer. I like to make beer out of things that people don't usually think of drinking.. So I was wondering if anyone has tried making green tea beer before, if so what type of...