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    Brew Rig - Aces Club Basketball Hoop Brewing Setup

    So, after looking at the simple setup that WortMonger uses for his 3-tier system (i.e., one center steel tube with the kegs bolted to it), I was looking at building one. This is when I noticed the already installed, 9' tall steel tube in my driveway. Is there any reason I couldn't just drill...
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    Brew Rig - Scrapper Freebie System

    This brew rig was made from old components and scrap materials.the kettle and later started as one tank. It was a 200l 20ga. wine tank that had a large Crack in the seam. I cut it in half. Made a bottom for the top half and welded it in. Installed a total discharge on the side at the bottom...
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    Brew Rig - Pallet Based 3 Tier

    Brew rig based on a gravity fed system. It uses 2 mash tuns and two HLTs plus a kettle. It's gravity fed and built out of wood. But I gust bought a Ruby Street system with 4-50 gallon kettles and all of the bells and whistles!! Can't wait!!
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    Brew Rig - Brassere L'Trange

    See the thread for more information and pictures. Boiling Equipment:30 Gallon Boilermaker Beer Bottling Gear:Bottling gun Fermentation Vessels and Equipment:Better Bottles with temperature controlled freezer Wort Chillers:Therminator with old...