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  1. B

    How big of a threat is oxidation when re fermenting beer on grapes

    Hey, first post here so go easy on me. I have been brewing mostly wild fermented and mixed culture beers for about 6 years. I am aware of all of the standard answers about headspace and oxidation as well as the fact that these matters aren’t always so clear when it comes to mixed culture beer. I...
  2. J

    Getting started; kit, juice or grapes, red or white. From a beer brewing point of view.

    After a decade of brewing beer I want to make the step into the world of wine. I did some research online and I found there are a couple of choices to be make before I can take off, some of which I cannot really answer on my own. I guess first is start with a kit/extract, juice or fresh grapes...
  3. foxgidge

    Black Rot

    My husband was given over care of a couple Niagara and Concord grape arbors this year. They have been there for many years and never sprayed or tended other than pruned. He has pruned and sprayed these as directed and the grapes were looking great. They are a few miles from us so he hadn’t seen...
  4. paulvernon63

    Is stripping grapes essential?

    I have been given something like 25kg of grapes by a friend who very kindly cuts down the bunches for me and gives them to me every year. For the past couple of years I have stripped the grapes from their branches but she has given me far more grapes this year and I can see stripping them taking...