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  1. W

    Adding fruit juice to the secondary. How much? Do I need to sanitize?

    Currently planning out a grapefruit wheat and decided to go with store-bought 100% grapefruit juice as my method for adding the flavor. My current plan is to add it to the secondary, but my question is how much should I do and should I be sanitizing the juice in any way prior to adding it? It's...
  2. snarf7

    Grapefruit Pils - late hop additions

    The wife has tasked me with brewing a grapefruit-inspired summer sipper. something crisp, clean and refreshing. I was planning to use one of my standard pils recipes as the base (mostly Pilsner malt, a little Vienna and Carapils with Saaz or Hallertau for my early bittering addition). For the...
  3. MT's AZ Ale Haus

    "The Juice Is Worth The Squeeze" Imperial IPA

    I finally settled on what will be my 3rd Brew. I should be starting it in 3 weeks, I'll keep you posted. It's kind of a Grapefruit Sculpin/Fresh Squeezed Hybrid Clone “The Juice Is Worth The Squeeze” Imperial IPA Grain Bill 15# American 2 Row 1.25# Munich Light .75# Crystal 20L Hops .5oz...