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  1. JuiceBar

    Any tips on making wine from fresh grapes?

    I live in the American south and the muscadine grapes are about to ripen at a vineyard near me. I've really only had experience making wine from bottled or frozen juices. Do you have any tips for using fresh grapes? From the books I've read they suggest that you crush the grapes, squeeze the...
  2. Scientific hippie

    My Malbec kit came out great!

    After all the tinkering and Teflon taping and worrying about the sampling port installation on the FastFerment, I loaded it up with Cellar Craft Argentine Malbec. I put the grape skins in the hop basket and squooshed them daily. Toward the end of the 8-week secondary fermentation, I sampled it...
  3. T

    Saison aged on pressed grape skins

    Would love some advice if anyone has experience with this. I have about 2kg of pressed pinot noir grape skins that I am planning to age a saison on. The saison is a pretty close clone of Saison Dupont. How much grape skins and for how long do you think I should age a 5 gallon/19 litre batch for...