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  1. colinpizarek

    For Sale Grainfather, Sparge Water Heater, Kegerator, Kegs for sale - North Chicago Suburbs

    I’m a long-time reader of these forums (lost my old account, I just now re-registered) and have decided I need to downsize some of my equipment and let somebody else get some use out of it. I’m located in the north suburbs of Chicago and open to in-person exchanges at a neutral site. You bring...
  2. S

    Trying to find a ThermoWell for a Grainfather connect controller

    I have a grainfather connect brain but since I don’t have the full grainfather rig I dangle the probe into my mash. The probe seems to be pretty large but I was wondering if anyone knows a link to a weldless thermo well that would actually fit the GFC probe. The replacement GFC temperature probe...
  3. xrobevansx

    New Jersey FOR SALE: Grainfather, 2-tap kegerator and more (package deal)

    Package deal: Grainfather Connect with extra controller and CFC Kenmore Kegerator with 2 taps, single regulator for CO2 tank, 2 head regulator in the kegerator to control both kegs separately. (yes it's dirty and will clean it) 5lb CO2 tank 2 Corny kegs 2 5gallon glass carboys Carboy/bottle...
  4. R

    Massachusetts Grainfather Connect

    I'm moving into a very small apartment and won't have any room for my brewing stuff so it all has to go. Up for sale is my Grainfather connect in excellent condition. It will come with the micro pipework for small batches and the Grainfather jacket. Lots of very successful brews and I'm sad to...
  5. krumb

    Mississippi Grainfather Connect

    Selling my Grainfather that includes the Connect Bluetooth controller. $450 In great working condition and well taken care of. Chiller connection was altered to use with another system - the fitting was saved and can easily be returned to previous condition. Local to Jackson area. Not...
  6. T

    Pennsylvania New Grainfather Connect w/ graincoat, micro pipes, hop spider, whirlpool attachment

    Asking $975, local pickup only in PA, 18011. This is a brand new Grainfather Connect that I took out of the box, but just sat aside and never used.... Had a kid, need I say more? All the accessories are brand new as well (no boxes though). Nothing has even been cleaned. Items included...