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    Stains fermenter

    Hey, I bottled my first brew with my Grandfather Conical Fermenter the other day, and I cleaned it ASAP. I rinsed it, rubbed it with a sponge, and soaked it for about 24h with Grainfather's cleaning product, but a few stains seemed to remain. So I soaked it again for about a day, and they're...
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    Stuck Grainfather Conical Fermenter

    Hello all. I just brewed my first batch using a Grainfather conical fermenter and glycol chiller. The manual suggested draining yeast every 2-3 days. Today was day 2, I tried to drain yeast and it was stuck. I don’t have a CO2 tank, and ended up using a long stainless steel rod I disinfected...
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    Pennsylvania NEW Grainfather Conical Pro Cooling Edition w/ Pressure Transfer Kit

    **No Shipping, local pickup only in eastern PA, 18011 zip code** $685 cash at pickup. Bought this brand new directly from grainfather. Took most of the stuff out of the boxes and fiddled with it, but have never used it (haven't even cleaned it). This setup cost me $819 plus $18 to ship when I...