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  1. N

    Stains fermenter

    Hey, I bottled my first brew with my Grandfather Conical Fermenter the other day, and I cleaned it ASAP. I rinsed it, rubbed it with a sponge, and soaked it for about 24h with Grainfather's cleaning product, but a few stains seemed to remain. So I soaked it again for about a day, and they're...
  2. R

    Grainfather Conical Transfer

    Hello everyone! I recently became the proud father (owner) of a Grainfather Conical Fermentor. Love my first use so far. However, when brewing the other day I started thinking about a less laborious way of transferring my sort from the brew kettle to the fermentor that requires less lifting and...
  3. rycardo

    GrainFather G30 - Active Fermentation

    Hello Everyone, I own a GrainFather Canonical Fermenter Pro, during my fermentation process I noticed the Rubber Bung is lifting and some Co2 is going out through the space between Rubber Bung and the fermenter. Do anyone had this issue? How to fix? I’m using some weight to keep the Rubber Bung...