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  1. Iowa Brewer

    Milled Grain Lifespan?

    Hey all, Yesterday (Thursday) I had malt milled and began my first lager-yeast starter. With ales I start the night before and have high kreuzen for a midday pitch by the following day. This morning, after noticing no discernible activity, I read that lager starters should sit on the stir...
  2. DanMalleck

    Back in the saddle—but with old grains. Should I dump them?

    I haven’t brewed for over two years due to renovation and general lethargy. But I’m back at it. I brewed a gluten free for my gf and it was based in rice syrup so didn’t need to deal with grains. But, now I’m ready to hit the all grain. I have a lot of unmilled grain that has been sealed...