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  1. cactusgarrett

    Grain/Malt Conditioning & Absorption Rate

    I just did my first brew on my new AIO system, and am conducting a post mortem to determine what to tweak in my personal spreadsheet and BeerSmith profile. As my pre-boil volume was about 0.5 gal higher than expected, the only thing seemingly affecting that is that the grain absorption rate has...
  2. ChaosB

    First Brew Day Results - DIPA on 3v HERMs

    Experience, takeaways, and questions from my first brew day, a DIPA on my 3 vessel HERMs system. Batch size: 5.5 gal Est. Post Mash Gravity: 1.060 Measured Post Mast Gravity: 1.066 Est. OG: 1.084 Measured OG: 1.086 Est. FG: 1.010 Pictures and description of system linked here...