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  1. TurdFergusen

    Graf Porter

    I'm developing a recipe for a Graf Porter. I currently have a batch in the fermonster but it is just a test run. Almost done fermenting. Starting O.G. was 1.080, its down to 1.010 now. I wanted it to be a big cider. It's really dark. Midnight wheat and choc malt. Have any of you developed a dark...
  2. C

    A Strange Occurence! (Gelatin Fining Graf)

    Hello all, I've just finished keg carbonating a delicious graf and have stumbled across something strange that I cannot find elsewhere on the internet. I will give details of the process and then describe what I saw. Recipe 5 Gallons 1.050 fresh apple cider (2 gallons from farm stand, 3 gallons...