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  1. M

    Pellicle, Mold, or Other?

    Kettle soured beer at the end of fermentation. Came to look at it before cold crashing and found this. Wtf am I looking at? Process: created my wort. Soured down to 3.1ph before boiling off and transferring to fermenter. US05 yeast to ferment. Found it like this. I started my cold crash and...
  2. H

    Pickle Beer (Kettle Soured Gose)

    Thought I'd share a fun one I'm in the middle of brewing. 50/50 pilsner/wheat, inoculated w/ 2 lb acid malt and has been sitting at 90F for about 48 hours. Will be boiling for another 5 min tonight with additions of 1 oz salt, 1 oz dill seed, 0.2 oz mustard seed, and 0.1 oz coriander seed...
  3. Andrew Hodgson

    Dry N Quick Sours (Gose)

    I am trying out a technique @RPh_Guy illustrates on a post in this thread: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/bottling-with-brett.667180/ I am just starting this to document the process/results and if anyone else is trying similar things etc. etc. Simple Gose recipe: 7lb German Pilsner...
  4. TNJake

    Wanting to try something new. Kveik anyone?

    I'm interested in giving one of these stands a try, probably the Voss but I think they all are interesting. I've heard people doing IPAs and such but what about something quite a bit different. Perhaps a Gose or berliner weisse? If anyone has some other experience with kveik strains I'd love to...
  5. Hurdzanbrew

    New homebrew channel hurdzanbrew!!

    Hurdzanbrew has launched on YouTube and we are thrilled to release the first video, a step by step gose brew day!! Elements of comedy and brewing together at last!! Please check it out, like it, share it, tell a friend, re watch and laugh and hopefully learn something. Check us out on instagram...
  6. Gosé the gozarian

    Low abv Gose, fix?

    Hi all, I brewed a Gose with a og of 1.040 knowing that I was going to have a low abv. I figured around 3.8. After 2 weeks and the addition of some tart cherries I'm still at 1.026, that's like 1.9%. I'm not sure if the addition of acidulated malt which was about 15% of the grain bill is...