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  1. OldRalHoleBrewing

    All Home-roast Amber Ale Tutorial

    Taken from this site: http://www.bunkerbrewing.blogspot.com So here's a new experiment: an amber ale with only home-toasted grains. Referencing this site on home roasting grains, I roasted 1 pound of Gold malt, and one 1 pound of Amber malt. Here's the grain bill: Home-Roast Nestok...
  2. kansasbrew

    suggestions for wyeast 3463

    I just brewed my first batch of beer (extract shot at a witbier). When I bottle it I want to wash the yeast (wyeast forbidden fruit)and start another batch in a few weeks. So, I like variety. I know the yeast is high in esters :ban: and tends to smell like bananas. I'm looking for a...