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  1. dhoyt

    Glycol Temps, whats yours?

    I'm curious if there are any downsides to keeping glycol temps in higher than normal ranges like 55°F. I am thinking about this for a few reasons but one of them is when I am not fermenting beer there isn't really a need to have the temps down at 28 °F. My concern is if higher temps would assist...
  2. jbakcoleman

    For Sale Spike CF5 + BrewBuilt IceMaster Max 2 + Accessories ($1300, NYC/NJ)

    Moved into a smaller apartment and need to offload this setup. Perfect for brewing basically any style from hot-and-fast Kviek to lagers. Hoping to sell it all at once, rather than part it out. Conical fermenter, with everything needed to ferment, cold crash, carb, and pressure transfer to a...
  3. BayerischBier

    Glycol options? AC vs. freezer G-loop?

    So here is a thought for food uhm brews. I have done years of fermentation temp control with fridges, pink foam boxes and dorm fridge, 5 cuft freezers etc.... pending on life stages, housing, and the state. And used i.e. that setup for both, fermentation and then kegging. Getting back to...
  4. C

    Sold [Los Angles Area] 1 Year Old SS Brewtech 1/5 HP Glycol Chiller

    Used 1/5 HP glycol chiller. Replaced it with a larger unit. A few scratchs on the top of the unit but otherwise in good condition. Asking $450.
  5. D

    Glycol chiller repair

    My SS Brewtech glycol chiller has lost most of its capacity to cool. It gets the glycol reservoir down to target temperature eventually, but it can’t keep up with even a single 5-gallon batch if I want to go lower than 65°F. Cooling more than one batch, lager fermentations, and cold crashing are...
  6. W

    For Sale Ss conical and more beer glycol chiller

    Ss conical and more beer chiller conical has a broke off caster bolt in one leg over wise perfect used for one batch chiller is perfect just need out of garage, 500 for both located in elk city Oklahoma. Will throw in a lot of extras if you want as I'm no longer participating in the hobby.
  7. R

    Grainfather Glycol Chiller Question

    Good Morning! Wanted to get some opinions here or if anyone has experience. Bought my grainfather glycol chiller in 2021 and did a brew with it. Worked amazing, love it. However, for many circumstances (I.e. work, getting married, etc) I haven’t brewed since spring 2021. The chiller has been...
  8. C

    Using portable beverage chiller as glycol chiller

    I have found a used remote cooler that is used for chilling up to 4 beer lines at events for a great price. It is more of a glorified jockey box in that it will chill 4 beer lines, but is not intended to pump glycol to an external fermenter. There is a pump to circulate the water/glycol bath...
  9. jordanpace

    Sold Penguin 1/2 HP Glycol Chiller - DFW/North East Texas

    I have a 1/2 HP Glycol Chiller from Penguin Chillers for sale. It was used for 18 months and comes with 4 pumps. Plumbing is also included if buyers wants (silicon tubing). I am asking $750 for the chiller and pumps.
  10. Beer:30

    Handling glycol in cooling coil

    I’m constructing a window AC based glycol chiller, and had a few questions for the group regarding hardware and process for avoiding glycol spillage since this is new to me. I ferment in conicals and will be adding a blichmann cooling coil to each. What do yall use for quick connects to...
  11. Beerwildered

    IceMaster Max - Adding Heat - Step by Step

    I recently received my IceMaster Max 4 glycol chiller. I upgraded from an older Ss Brewtech 1/5hp chiller for lots of reasons - not the least of which was the reservoir size, pre-installed pumps, higher HP, and the possibility of cleaning up a number of electrical cords from my brew space by...
  12. K

    For Sale New (never used) KALINKA-ICE Glycol Chiller For Sale

    I have a new (never used) KALINKA-ICE glycol chiller for sale. Asking $450. Will ship. Venmo accepted.
  13. Gregory T

    Brewmaster Max 4 instruction help

    I just received a new Max 4 today from Morebeer. It appears the controller have changed but the instructions have not. anyone have any idea how to work these?
  14. Steven Sinclair

    Wannabe chill system

    Hoping one of you brewgineers can help me out and let me know if this would work. I was planning on Frankensteining my own chiller system. A small chest freezer containing 20 gallon container of glycol mixture. Multiple submerged pumps, managed by inkbird controllers, to feed a submerged coil...
  15. B

    Glycol chiller and unitank

    Hey all, I’m looking to procure a glycol chiller and a unitank (something 1/2 barrel or larger). I see that they pop up on the for sale forum so I figured I’d post my wanted ad and see what turns up. Thanks everyone
  16. Gregory T

    Temperature Control

    I am looking to get a BrewBuilt™ IceMaster Max 4 Glycol Chiller for use on my flex and flex plus using Spike temperature control coils. I am looking for feedback from any users of this? I am also deciding whether to get the quick disconnects. Also type and size of hoses required? Any feedback...
  17. P

    Washington Temperature Controlled Unitank $2500

    Model: WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery Glycol jacketed, temperature controlled, pressure rated unitank. Includes bottle filler. Ferment, carbonate, serve, and fill kegs/bottles from one vessel. Made in New Zealand Located north of Seattle
  18. T

    New York Stasis Glycol Chiller

    I bought a Stasis Glycol Chiller off their kickstarter, and while the unit works pretty well it also happens to be way too loud for my NYC apartment. It's basically brand new - I've only used it for doing a "test chill" of 5 gallons of water. $550 + Shipping. Includes the glycol chiller...
  19. S

    R410a or R22 compressor for glycol chiller

    I'm wanting to make a glycol chiller and I've got two air conditioning units at my disposal for that purpose. My goal is to make the compressor reach the lowest temperature so I plan on bypassing the temperature sensor. But I'm curious which unit would work better for this. I know that r410a...
  20. K

    DIY Tri-Clamp Cooling Coils For Glycol Setup?

    Has anyone ever rigged up a DIY set of cooling coils for use with a glycol chiller? If so, what did you do? I had a couple of different ideas, but as someone decidedly lacking in skills or experience, I'd rather hear about what actually worked before initiating hack and slash operations. I...