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glycol chiller

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  1. P

    Washington Temperature Controlled Unitank $2500

    Model: WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery Glycol jacketed, temperature controlled, pressure rated unitank. Includes bottle filler. Ferment, carbonate, serve, and fill kegs/bottles from one vessel. Made in New Zealand Located north of Seattle
  2. T

    New York Stasis Glycol Chiller

    I bought a Stasis Glycol Chiller off their kickstarter, and while the unit works pretty well it also happens to be way too loud for my NYC apartment. It's basically brand new - I've only used it for doing a "test chill" of 5 gallons of water. $550 + Shipping. Includes the glycol chiller...
  3. S

    R410a or R22 compressor for glycol chiller

    I'm wanting to make a glycol chiller and I've got two air conditioning units at my disposal for that purpose. My goal is to make the compressor reach the lowest temperature so I plan on bypassing the temperature sensor. But I'm curious which unit would work better for this. I know that r410a...
  4. K

    DIY Tri-Clamp Cooling Coils For Glycol Setup?

    Has anyone ever rigged up a DIY set of cooling coils for use with a glycol chiller? If so, what did you do? I had a couple of different ideas, but as someone decidedly lacking in skills or experience, I'd rather hear about what actually worked before initiating hack and slash operations. I...
  5. M

    AC Chiller Wort Chiller

    All.. I wanted to share what I am doing to maximize my AC chiller usage as well as solve the issue with using water in the garage in the winter months. Basically I have setup my AC chiller to drive the coils in my CF10 for chilling as well as the ability to drive cold glycol into my plate...
  6. Zixxer10R

    Texas 1/3 HP Penguin Chillers Glycol Chiller $750

    1/3 HP Penguin Chillers Glycol Chiller. Used for one batch of beer. Additional control unit and thermometer included for same price. Local pickup preferred, but will ship in original packaging. Got this from their refurb section of the website.
  7. Nate R

    Thoughts on best glycol chiller: SS Brewtech vs. Penguin vs. Any others? (Not diy)

    Hello all. Looking for a glycol chiller. Decided to spend the $ and not go diy. As far as i can tell, there are 3 basic models under a grand: ss brewtech 1/5 hp, penguim 1/3 hp, and the icemaster 100 brewbuilt brand available here in the us at morebeer. Other than prices, what are some pros...
  8. W

    Tennessee Glycol Chiller - Icemaster G40

    I have an Icemaster G40 glycol chiller for sale. This glycol chiller functions perfectly. I am asking $475 for the glycol chiller. Can easily cold crash three 7 gallon conicals. I am located in Nashville, TN.
  9. S

    A/C Unit Glycol Chiller Tripping GFCI

    Hello, I built a glycol chiller from an old 5000 BTU window A/C unit a few months ago. It works great, except that every 2 or 3 chilling cycles (on average) it trips the GFCI outlet I have it plugged into. I've tried different circuits and removed every other load from the circuit and it still...
  10. S

    Grainfather glycol chiller and Conical fermenter placement

    Hi folks I believe some of you have both grainfather's chiller and conical. Same here :) But unfortunately new equipment usually does not include an additional appartment's space ;) so I'd like to optimize the space somehow.... Do you know/have you tried by chance to install conical on top of...
  11. V

    Illinois 2 x 20 gallon conical fermentors with glycol chilling

    I am selling 2 conical fermentors on a rolling stand that is glycol chilled. There is a cooler attached to house the glycol with a 5k btu air conditioner coild cooling the glycol. Comes with control panel that allows gylcol temp to be set along with independent temperature settings for each...
  12. tch330

    Ohio Penguin Glycol Chiller

    For Sale: $750 Like New, Used for 4 batches. Prefer local pick up. 1/2HP Glycol Bath Chiller 2,650 BTU @ 28F Still under manufacturer's warranty.
  13. bcales

    System Upgrade

    I sold the Harley! Now, I'm planing an upgrade to my system (basic/intro setup). I am anxiously awaiting SS Brewtechs Electric setup, but figured I can work on upgrading post boil I am also looking at using the Glycol Chiller for cooling wort post boil. I know I can't use it directly, but I...
  14. hunter306

    The Ole' Window AC - Glycol Chiller Build

    Another stab at building a cheap Window-AC based Chiller. I snagged the Frigidaire Analog unit from the clearance section at Sears for 25.00 out the door... Add a 35 dollar cooler, a trusty STC-1000, and a aquarium wave generator and here it is. First, build the cart, to keep the whole unit...
  15. Surly_goat

    Glycol Chiller Build - Gylcol vs Ethanol

    Here's my glycol build. Not finalized but wanted to cold crash the fermenter so figured I'd test it out. STC 2000 controls the AC unit. Wiring is the compressor hot and low fan wire connected to input hot with a paper clip and neutral input to start capacitor with paper clip. Everything to...
  16. Lazer Wolf Brewing

    Is anyone using a Penguin Glycol Chiller?

    At $900, a Penguin glycol chiller is a huge purchase for me. Naturally, I went searching for reviews but came up basically empty handed. Ive seen it mentioned on here a couple times in 2 or 3 threads, but there weren't a lot of details given. Who out there has a Penguin Glycol Chiller and can...
  17. K

    Outdoor glycol chiller and outdoor fermentation chambers cheap

    I have every little room so I am forced to use the outside, if turned part of my side hard into my brew area as I have my rig moderator and brewing storage (Rubbermaid totes with a outdoor furniture cover). I have been brewing for awhile my problem is my fermentation chamber is an my kegerator i...
  18. Ckalnasy

    Chris' Home Bar Build

    Hey guys, new to the forum and I figure I would share my bar build for the new house my wife and I bought end of last year. The basement had a pretty large rec room (close to 30x30) with a bar already in it. Plan was to update the bar, flooring, and new paint. We still have yet to paint the...
  19. WilderBill

    New 27 Gal MoreBeer Conical & Arduino Based Temp Controller

    Greetings folks, I have not posted on any brewing forums for years and years but I’ve got a new project that I figure some people may be interested in. Background: I bought two MoreBeer 12 gal fermenters back in 2008. I then made an AC unit glycol chiller for them based on “Backyard...