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  1. R

    Brewing High Gravity Gluten Free Beers

    I’d like to start this article off by talking about my first homebrewing experience. I had found out that a mutual friend homebrewed when I went out to a Nanobrewery in the OC area that served Mead. This Nanobrewery just so happened to also be a homebrew store, so we got to walking around, and I...
  2. R

    Getting More Body in Gluten Free Beers

    So you’ve started brewing gluten-free. I commend you. For us glutards (those with intolerance and allergies to gluten), there are basically two options: 1) Make a regular beer, and then take the gluten out with WLN4000: Clarity Ferm, or 2) Brew using no gluten-carrying grains in the mash. As...
  3. joetothemo

    Basic Brewing Radio - Zero Tolerance

    Hey Guys The three Zero Tolerance members who represented the club at HomebrewCon were on Basic Brewing Radio this week. I thought it may be of interest to you. I did shout you guys out for guiding me in the right direction on Termamyl's optimum temp as well! Just please stick through the...
  4. joetothemo

    Zero Tolerance Gluten Free Homebrew Club

    Zero Tolerance Gluten Free Homebrew Club A Gluten Free Homebrew Club based in Portland OR. Meeting Monthly, the last Sunday of each month. Ground Breaker Brewing 2030 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 If you are local please join us for our inaugural meeting Sunday 1/28 at 2pm Whether you can...
  5. T

    How-to Make any yeast Gluten-Free

    There are two main ways to make a yeast GF, the first is isolation then inoculation, the second is a dilution solution. We will start with the more complicated isolation and inoculation method. First you will need to pour GF agar plates, I would follow dkershner's method for making and...