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  1. A

    Culturing Liquid Yeast to be GF

    Hey all, I was recently diagnosed with Celiacs and was curious if anyone has ever successfully cultured liquid yeast to be GF? Pre-diagnosis I was an avid homebrewer and loved to brew hazy IPAs so I'm looking to culture WY-1318 (London Ale III) to use with all GF grains. If not, has anyone...
  2. Silly Yak

    Mash Guidance

    Hey Y'all, To be honest my last all grain brew was a disaster. I used a GFHB Pale Ale kit with AMG-300 and got sub 3.0 ABV. Did a single infusion mash at the GFHB recommended temperature of 163.4 F. To be honest I never did a conversion test. I'm brewing on the 23rd and wanted feedback on...
  3. joetothemo

    Zero Tolerance Gluten Free Homebrew Club

    Zero Tolerance Gluten Free Homebrew Club A Gluten Free Homebrew Club based in Portland OR. Meeting Monthly, the last Sunday of each month. Ground Breaker Brewing 2030 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 If you are local please join us for our inaugural meeting Sunday 1/28 at 2pm Whether you can...
  4. midfielder5

    How long does liquid sorghum last?

    Hi, I have a bottle of unopened liquid sorghum extract from Northern Brewer. Does any one know the shelf life before it goes "bad"? I kept it in my brew closet at about 60-70 degrees. For barley malt extract, they talk about avoiding old LME because of twangy off-flavors. Wondering how long...