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  1. MaxStout

    Show us your glassware!

    [Not sure if a similar thread exists, apologies in advance if there is...] Show us your glassware collections. I have a homemade cabinet perched atop my beer fridge. It's getting full. And kind of a disheveled mess.
  2. T

    Does Glassware Really make a Difference?

    So often when we go out to enjoy a few adult beverages, many bars and restaurants just pour them into the same thing: a shaker pint. Named after its purpose, a shaker pint is what bartenders cap the shaker with to mix up a cocktail. Most bars also use them to serve beer for one simple reason...
  3. E

    Collared keezer and adding rinser

    So, I am pondering putting a glass rinser in my lil homebrew bar. I am struggling with trying to find a good mount area for the rinser. I have a 8 tap, 22cf, collared keezer. Wondering what your thoughts might be on where/how to mount the rinser. Would mounting directly to the wall next to the...
  4. FenoMeno

    Homebrew = Sticky pint glass

    Ok, weird thing I've noticed about my homebrew. Especially when drinking my kegged beer I notice the glass gets more sticky than a commercial beer. If I pour a pint with a nice head, and nice lacing I am happy. However, that lace sticks around long after the pint is in my belly. Also, it...