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  1. Tadeusz Leliwa

    Gingerbeer (alcoholic) tastes salty

    Sorry I was not sure in which section it is best to post about alcoholic gingerbeer... I just made some and it tastes quite salty, I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences? I am using the same water as I always do for brewing, and yeast which I have used before. Could it be because of...
  2. Kalaloch

    Can I turn Hard Ginger beer into wine?

    I have 20 gallons of hard Ginger beer I made (4) 5 gallon carboys and I thought I’d like it but the taste doesn’t have enough body- it tastes like water with ginger in it. I could bottle it as beer and slowly drink it, but was wondering if I could just add some sugar and wine yeast and make it...