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  1. jlragon

    1st ginger beer

    I just made my first ginger beer. I popped open a bottle plenty of bubbles. The smell was very strong with ginger. I tasted it and it reminded me of cough syrup. Not pleasant. Very Spicy and too strong. I fermented in the bottles 3 days. I'm not sure what I screwed up.
  2. gingergreenie

    Would I Notice Harmful Bacteria in Fermented Liquids by Taste, Smell

    Cheers, I've been trying out home brewing for a while and had some good result with bottle fermentation. To better control the fermentation process, I wanted to go bigger this time and let the fermentation process finish before bottling with some priming sugar. So I made a fresh ginger bug...
  3. M

    Ginger beer recipe - Thoughts?

    Hello friends. I am rather new to brewing, but I am currently fermenting my second batch and loving it :) I mostly do this with a friend of mine, and he would like to try to throw ginger into the mix for our next project. This is totally new to us though. I have thrown together a recipe, based...
  4. A

    Old Time Ginger Beer!

    Hello, My first post! Based on old 1800's ginger beer recipes I made a ginger bug and feeding it for 1 week to get it fairly active. I added this concoction to the old time recipe attached. I am using recycled 1L Perrier plastic water bottles; they are recommended to be cheap and not burst...
  5. MadLuke

    Ginger white-wine-ish brew

    Hi everyone, I am currently thinking of a ginger beer. Planning something for the next (south-hemispheric) summer, and one idea I have in mind in a ginger + white-wine quality beer. Can be full-extract or partial mash. Currently I am thinking along the lines of using mix of pale + extra pale...
  6. U

    Advice needed on making fermented ginger beer

    I attempted my first batch of fermented ginger beer recently following this short video: In a nutshell I created a ginger bug with 2 cups water , 2 Tb sugar and 2 Tb chopped ginger (skin on). Roughly every 24 hours i added 2Tb sugar and 2Tb ginger. It was supposed to take maybe 3 days to...
  7. M

    I may be getting to lax with this hobby.... And I've got some questions!

    Okay, so I have made many different wines/hooch/distillates and I just realized I may have just recently made a mistake trying to save some homemade syrups from being wasted. After finishing my newest vodka distillation and racking my cranberry wine, I decided I would try and mix these drinks...
  8. Konstantinos

    Ginger beer help

    Hi!! i could really use some help with my ginger beer recipe. I just brewed the recipe, but a quick taste test from the carboy was disappointing. No ginger taste at all!! Is it normal? will it come at a later point during fermentation? Is there a way to save it? many thanks! :bigmug...
  9. Roaryt123

    Ginger beer with no bubbles

    Hi guys! I used to make wine with my parents when I was younger and so I've attempted to make some ginger beer, I followed the recipe exactly and sealed the fermentor an hour and a half ago. Since then no bubbles have passed through the air lock. The air lock and lid are sealed with vaseline so...
  10. Tadeusz Leliwa

    Gingerbeer (alcoholic) tastes salty

    Sorry I was not sure in which section it is best to post about alcoholic gingerbeer... I just made some and it tastes quite salty, I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences? I am using the same water as I always do for brewing, and yeast which I have used before. Could it be because of...
  11. A

    Do you find beer brewing too complex?

    How did the old timers make beer? I mean back in the middle ages or a little later. They must not have made things as complex as they are nowadays with beer brewing. I look at all this brewing discussion here and it looks like you need to be a scientist to do it with plenty of space and $$. And...
  12. J

    Ginger Beer Bottling

    Did a ginger beer recently - finished a little dryer than I wanted (1.012). Not a big deal. Bottled it (3 oz. Priming sugar mix to 3 gal batch), and I was worried that it was going to over carbonate and become a bottle bomb, so I burped the bottles a few times (they were reusable bottles), and...
  13. Kalaloch

    Can I turn Hard Ginger beer into wine?

    I have 20 gallons of hard Ginger beer I made (4) 5 gallon carboys and I thought I’d like it but the taste doesn’t have enough body- it tastes like water with ginger in it. I could bottle it as beer and slowly drink it, but was wondering if I could just add some sugar and wine yeast and make it...
  14. lorne17

    Exploding Ginger Beer Bottles without Yeast!? How did this happen?

    Hello all, I had an incident today of exploding Ginger Beer bottles. I brewed some Ginger Beer, which I have about 10-12 batches of this recipe before. I had it in a keg and carbonated it via the keg. I do not put any yeast in my Ginger Beer since it's a side and not a brew. Anyways, I...
  15. lorne17

    Ginger Beer not staying carbonated or flavor in bottles?

    Hello there, I'm writing to try and figure out how to get to the bottom of this. I usually have Ginger Beer on tap in my kegerator. I like to bottle some for family members birthdays that don't drink alcohol. I bottle with a Counter Pressure Bottle filler from the keg tap. The issue I've...
  16. Kalaloch

    Hard Ginger Beer addition ideas

    After a bunch of attempts I’ve finally come up with a great Hard Ginger Beer recipe and have made 20 gallons over the last year. But now I’m looking to make some variations of it with additional ingredients, but not sure what to use. Do anyone have any ideas that might pair well with Ginger...
  17. kevin58

    Historical Beers Early American Ginger Beer

    This recipe comes from the living history folks at I stumbled across their video series on 18th century cooking and this episode was all about ginger beer. It is a combination of two historic recipes they have found... one from 1737 which is more of a molasses beer with ginger in...
  18. F

    Ginger Beer not Carbonating

    Hi Team, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice... I recently brewed a fairly well know recipe by "Dr Smurto" for Ginger Beer (GB). Dr Smurto Ginger Beer 750 g fresh ginger 1 cinnamon stick 8 cloves 1 lemon 2kg raw sugar 1 sachet champagne yeast (EC-1118)" After fermenting (Few...