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  1. T

    For Sale Electric Brewery Starter System $1000

    I built this system about 5 years ago with the intention of eventually building out to a full 3 vessel HERMS setup. I never quite got around to doing all of that, but I’ve used the system (Panel/Boil Kettle/Mash Tun) to brew about 10 batches and all works as expected. There’s some scratches and...
  2. kegkong

    Another 240 Volt GFCI Question

    Hi folks, Just getting back into brewing after decades long absence. I've searched all over the forum as well as have read the electric tutorial sticky but many of the thread links are gone so I don't yet have a complete picture. Installation of a 240 v 30 amp breaker is not an...
  3. NautiDogBrewingCo.

    Michigan 50 Amp GFCI Breaker

    For sale, a two pole, 50 Amp GFCI Breaker. Fits Murray breaker boxes. Works as it should. I had this in my old house for my 50 Amp Electric Brewery (new house had a different style panel) Shipped for $50. Local pick up is $40.
  4. L

    Getting 220V to Anvil Foundry

    Question on the Foundary and 220V. I just ordered the Foundry 10.5 system with pump kit. According to my HBS it is on backorder unitl mid-July pending pump availability. Whilst I wait for my system, I'm ponding getting 220V to it. I've read a number of posts on 220V and GFCI which leads me to...
  5. S

    A/C Unit Glycol Chiller Tripping GFCI

    Hello, I built a glycol chiller from an old 5000 BTU window A/C unit a few months ago. It works great, except that every 2 or 3 chilling cycles (on average) it trips the GFCI outlet I have it plugged into. I've tried different circuits and removed every other load from the circuit and it still...
  6. M

    GFCI outlet independent from wall

    As the title hopefully suggests I'm thinking of wiring up a GFCI outlet for my in the makes electric brewery. This outlet would need to be not part of the wall, but in its own water proof outlet sized box that has a short short cable section that connects to an in-wall socket. A longer line of...
  7. B

    Building Two-Element 120V System

    I am working on a wiring schematic for a two-element system that utilizes two separate 120V power supplies. Each will come from a GFCI wall receptacle. The EZBoil I am using will control the second element with the built-in relay, per Auber's instructions. One question I am running into is this...
  8. B

    Leads on In-Line 240V GFCI

    Hey guys, I am going to be powering a 5500W element from a dryer receptacle. There are 30A breakers in the main panel. I may not be in the same house much longer, so I need a portable solution. I am having a hard time finding the in-line 30A GFCI cords. Where is the best place to find them (at...