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  1. J

    Getting started; kit, juice or grapes, red or white. From a beer brewing point of view.

    After a decade of brewing beer I want to make the step into the world of wine. I did some research online and I found there are a couple of choices to be make before I can take off, some of which I cannot really answer on my own. I guess first is start with a kit/extract, juice or fresh grapes...
  2. ShadesManna

    From the Forest

    Hello from one of the many forests of New Jersey! We still have nice, untamed patches of wilderness, if you look hard enough, and know where to look. One of the reasons I started making wine was because I was tired of store-bought wine. There are red, white, blush, and sparkling wines. That's...
  3. K

    Winemaking Terms

    Winemaking has been both a business and a hobby for centuries. Whether you are a commercial winemaker or make your wine at home (or considering getting into the game), there are general terms that you will want to familiarize yourself with. The following terms are ones both commercial and home...