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  1. GCGBrewing

    Cloning Licher Bier (German Pils)

    A little over 2 years ago, I wrote an email to the Licher Brewery to try to get their input on brewing a Pils similar to Licher Pils. For anyone who has been stationed in Germany, or just visited you might have had this tasty beer! This is the response I got from them: "thank you for your...
  2. tdf

    Exit Dream German Pilsner

    In the spirit of the new year, I wanted to share the recipe for my favorite beer. It's a German style pilsner with a light dry hop, heavily inspired by Russian River STS. It's a deliciously crisp beer with a really nice floral and herbal hop aroma and flavor. It's hard to drink just one. This...
  3. G

    My German Pils tastes like a Helles

    I just brewed a German pils (prima pils clone). Pulled my first pint tonight and it tastes more like a Helles. there is almost no noticeable bitterness despite near 40 calculated ibis via beersmith (tinesth) I used dry yellow as my target water profile and it projected a bitter beer. final...