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  1. Lucho

    CO2 generation (Not harvested from fermentation)

    Hello everyone, glad to finally become part of the forum from which I learned so much!. I have an idea on my head for some time regarding CO2 generation. You see... where I live its not that easy to get my CO2 tanks refilled every time I see fit. I was wondering over ebay and amazon and I...
  2. beervoid

    English yeasts and the miracle ester sweet spot of generation nr X

    Hello yeast lovers, I've been brewing IPA's mostly with GY054 Vermont yeast and WY1318 London Ale III. I overbuild starters and keep some for a next brew. Now it might have been coincidence but at around generation 5 or 6 these yeast seem to attenuate a bit less but throw mad fruity esters...