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  1. A

    IPA trouble getting dry hops to settle, even with gelatin and cold crash

    Hey guys, I brewed an IPA and I´m currently on day 19 of fermentation. Its been cold crashed and gelatin for 4 days at 0-2 C*. My procedure for the gelatin was adding 1g of gelatin for every gallon of beer and 2oz of water for every gram of gelatin: came out to 10gr of gelatin in 20oz of water...
  2. G

    First Milk Stout, Do I clarify?

    Hi all, This is my first time brewing a Milk Stout, therefore using Lactose. Is it wise to clarify this brew (Gelatin), or will I end up removing the Lactose?
  3. D

    How clear does beer get from adding gelatine and how fast?

  4. snarf7

    Extra Cloudy Wort

    I brewed a Rye IPA today (about 16% of the grain bill) and the wort turned out really cloudy, lots of junk floating around in it. I did everything as I usually do, got a good hot break and a good cold break but it still came out looking almost like cream of chicken soup. :eek: I used...
  5. Washington_Brewologist

    Add gelatin to keg or to cold crashed fermenter?

    Hey guys! I have an Irish Red that has been cold crashing for over 48 hours. This is my first attempt at cold crashing and I'm curious if you guys add gelatin to your fermenters or to your keg after racking? Also, I couldn't help wondering if making the gelatin solution and adding it to the keg...
  6. B

    Cold Crashing without larger container

    Hi guys, I'm about to move my lager from it's secondary fermenter to the bottles to carbonate. I'll be adding gelatin in before I bottle but I understand that cold crashing may be needed to clarify the beer. I haven't large enough refridgerator space, don't have any large buckets or containers...
  7. C

    A Strange Occurence! (Gelatin Fining Graf)

    Hello all, I've just finished keg carbonating a delicious graf and have stumbled across something strange that I cannot find elsewhere on the internet. I will give details of the process and then describe what I saw. Recipe 5 Gallons 1.050 fresh apple cider (2 gallons from farm stand, 3 gallons...
  8. B

    Gelatin fining

    Hi All- My first post, but I've been a lurker for a few months. I'm on my 5th batch (What Hoppened?-a verry hoppy IPA) and would lke to clarify it in the secondary. The SG is down to 1014 from 1060 (target of 1010-1012). I'm thinking about moving it to the secondary and adding gelatin to get it...