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  1. M

    Swing-top gasket issues

    I just got a bunch of NOS 1L Flip top bottles. The gaskets looked a bit iffy so I bought new ones, but the old ones are impossible to remove. I have a couple of hundred bottles and never had this type of problem before. Gaskets that were old and cracked or brittle, but they were never that...
  2. Gaskets


    Had these gaskets made and they work well. A touch spongy but high heat, food grade. Not permanent.
  3. BrewZer

    Swing top bottles -- Grrrr!

    All you who want to say "I told you so," feel free to fire away. Gaskets should be good for more than one use, yet I found two bottles today that did not seal tightly enough to hold the carbonation at a level I like in my Irish Red Ale. Still tastes great, and is less filling without all those...