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  1. I

    Pure co2 or mixed gas?

    Hi, Should I get pure co2 or mixed gas for my keggerator? I will be serving mostly lager and possibly ales Thanks
  2. D

    20 Gallon SS Sanitary Brewing System

    This is a 20 G Gas-fired brew system with Electric Control box. I put this together 4 years ago but have never used due a work relocation. All connections are sanitary tri-clamps so this system can probably be set up as CIP (clean-in-place) if you installed spray balls. The only item not...
  3. FoamFollower

    Blichmann Top Tier Burner Review

    The Blichmann Top Tier Burner commands a premium price, which may put a lot of people off. When you can get a burner for $29.99 that does an adequate job of heating wort, why pay five times that amount for equipment that does essentially the same thing? I too was skeptical at first, and started...
  4. D

    All Grain Brewing Simplified Pt 2: Equipment Profiles

    If you missed it, Part 1 of this series deals with the all-grain brewing process. It goes over taking the leap into all-grain brewing in a simple, down to earth manner. In this part, I'll go over some of the different...
  5. M

    Nitrogen in PA

    any recommendations for sourcing N2 in Chester county PA? Preferably around the Downingtown area? do i need to worry about "food grade" Thanks!
  6. V

    Gas Stove Top

    So I have read a lot of posts about propane inside being a no-no but what about normal gas stove tops that use propane? Currently in my house thats what our stove top / oven uses and I do my smaller batches on that stove top. Am I in the running for a Darwinism award? Have a I killed one to many...
  7. sparrow999

    Washington Blichmann Semi-automated 10 gal brewing system

    Selling a 3 burner propane HERMs system that makes great beer. It has a set-and-forget recirculation system to maintain mash temperature. False bottom in mash tun turns out crystal clear beer and screens in brew kettle minimize trub in final brew. Digital readout and gate valve make dialing...
  8. MaxTheSpy

    Secondary Fermentation Mead

    I've noticed that When I rack from primary into secondary (same size container as the first) I gain headroom because I leave out the sediment on the bottom, Headroom in secondary isn't good from what I hear so is there anything that I can do to take up that room? Could I fill it with a gas of...
  9. B

    North Carolina Used Blichmann Tower of Power Gas Fired Control Module

    Gently used Blichmann Tower of Power Gas Fired Control Module. Used for roughly 20 batches on my RIMS system. Works like a champ, simply selling off some brewing equipment as I do not make enough time to brew enough anymore. Kids and other hobbies have made me take an honest accounting of...
  10. G

    Doubt, self made brew stand

    Hi guys.. so im just posting a pic of my next to be working brew stand. As I show in the picture, im planning to place the cooling coil in the hot liquor tank while everything is being boiled so it sanitizes, and then when the boiling process is done, i´ll start circulating tap water trough...
  11. DrumForHire

    Do I Need New Disconnects?

    I've been having some woes with a leak somewhere in my keg system. I replaced the distributor with a new Taprite system (which is wonderful) and with it new lines for both gas and liquid sides. However, what was left in my C02 tank still seemed to drain very quickly. I'm taking the...
  12. akroessler

    Michigan For Sale: BRUTUS 10, 10-20gal brewery

    Hello brewers! I'm upgrading to electric and 20 gal kettles. So my trusty direct fire recirc Brutus 10 is now for sale. Has a full panel for everything you need for recirc and to keep temperatures on ALL 3 burners. Stand is 2" steel with a powdercoat very heavy duty(has easily 150+ brews on...
  13. javert

    Low gas flow from a solenoid valve.

    Hi, we're on the process of building a more automated rig for brewing. We acquired a solenoid valve to control the gas flow for an Anvil burner (45 000 btu). To our dismay, the gas flow is very low and flames coming from the burner are very small, like 1,5 cm height when the valve is opened to...
  14. N

    Where do I get Co2 tank refilled or swaped?

    Hello, I Live in Addison IL, 60101. Does anyone know a reasonably priced place to get C02 to fill my homebrew keg?? Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!