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    Bushing or grommet for kegerator gas line

    I'm doing a kegerator conversion and would like to put in a couple of gas lines for an external tank with a double regulator. (That would allow me to have two different pressures for initial carbonating and serving.) The gas lines are 9/16 OD. I'm leery of just pushing them through a 9/16 hole...
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    Switching to external CO2 and Mounting Secondary Regulator on Summit SBC-500B Kegerator

    Hi, all. I know that this topic has been covered numerous times in general and that a lot of people have purchased these now-discontinued kegerators over the years, but I can't find anyone that has done this modification specifically with the Summit SBC-500B Kegerator. I bought this used this...
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    Is the back of my Frigidaire keezer freon free?

    My keezer is a Frigidaire 8.8 cu. ft. (can't find the exact model number; brand new 2 years ago) . I can't find any info on line that tells me where the cooling lines are located. Up til now I've had my 5 lb. CO2 tank inside on the compressor shelf, but now I want to mount it outside and run the...