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  1. A

    Hop plant is going bad :(

    Hi everyone, I'm growing cascade in two 50 liter pots and they were growing fast and fine, but now they got something. Leaves are starting to show white dots and decoloration, here are some pictures. Any ideas of what it might have and how to fight it? Thank you! ALSO, leaves are growing with...
  2. JAReeves

    California Hop Rhizomes

    I have some hop rhizomes that I had to dig up last month when I moved my hop garden. I have about 3 large rhizomes each of Shaddock and Old Mission. Both are aroma hops. They have been my biggest producers for two years now. $7 for each rhizome, shipping included, (3 each of two varieties...
  3. S

    Maryland: FT: Paw Paw seedlings for?

    In Beltsville/College Park area. Interesting trades of homebrew ingredients or supplies (esp fruit additions) welcome. Be prepared to take two plants to ensure fertilization. May take 4-5 years until plant is mature enough to bear fruit. Note: these plants are disease, insect and deer resistant...
  4. aleiexjr

    Is it possible to homegrow Irish moss? also, how to identify my Hops?

    Hello there, I've got a couple of questions here: 1) Recently a friend of mine gave me a few hop seeds, I'm planning on planting them and using them for my homebrew recipes, however he doesn't know what kind of hops this are, is there some way to identify my hops once they've grown? I'd...