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  1. V

    I Knew Better (Troubleshooting)

    I did an NEIPA recently O.G. 1.060 and the homebrew store was out of the yeast I needed and it had to be brewed that day so I pitched RVA Hoptopper 2 1/2 months old with no starter :smh: (I knew better and said YOLO). Resulting beer is very fusel tasting which I can only think is due to...
  2. Pappa_Bjorn

    What of the following caused (probable) fusels?

    I've gotten the same off flavour/scent in two brews; one mead, one gose. It's highly reminiscent of paint solvent/mineral spirits, and describable somewhat like combusted diesel, machine grease, non-ferric/ferrous minerals/metals (or dust of these), being mildly peppery, flat and greasy in taste...
  3. A

    Spicy beer troubleshooting

    Hi all, I am brewing a NEIPA right now, and just took a sample for a gravity reading at one week. I tasted it, and definitely got a spicy hit in the back of my throat that indicates fusels. I've never had a problem with them before, so this is quite disappointing... I was really not...