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  1. F

    Wild ale experiment!

    I've tried wrangling wild yeast a few times, with no success. One time nothing, not even mould. Anyway this time I used a couple blackberries and a crabapple. Success! The wort had a 1.043 OG and ended (at least short term) on 1.010, so a minimum respectable (for an English ale, and a wild...
  2. Yuletide

    4 Gallon first time report -- wild & funky

    Hey folks, finally got my first batch of juice going and had a few questions I'll put below after the progress so far. Here's a thread to share progress as I go. Source: 4 Gallons, Unpasteurized "Hand-picked, Tree-Ripened" cider from a roadside stand in Philo, CA split into two batches Yeast: 3...
  3. C

    Balancing Lactic Acid in Sour Beers

    Few things are as satisfying as tasting a newly opened homebrew and having it meet your expectations. Even more satisfying is when that beer is from the somewhat unpredictable realm of sour beers. Not all sour beers have to be left up to chance in order to achieve predictable results however...
  4. Vanderfell

    Kettle Sour Blonde Attempt

    Hello everyone. I have done a number of kettle sours in the past and had great results. This will be my latest attempt at a Sour Blonde. Anyone think I am missing anything? This is about the most extensive write up I have ever done in 5 years of brewing, so criticism is great too! Recipe Type...
  5. Gnomebrewer

    Gigayeast Sweet Flemish Brett GB144

    I'm just preparing to get into making some sour and funky beers after trying a few commercial examples and realising I've wasted 22 years of my adult life drinking 'clean' beer. I've ordered some Wyeast Roseleare to be delivered, to try making some Flanders Red/Brown ales, but also picked up a...