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  1. Fly_Guy

    Full Boil Extract Brewing

    Hey all, new to this form and homebrewing. I got brewing equiptment as a gift. It came with an 8gal kettle and outdoor burner-at some point I'll switch to AG. I have read John Palmers how to brew book cover to cover and made a 1 gal batch that I'm planning to bottle this weekend. I understand...
  2. T

    Everything was going so well...

    So I brewed up an AHS APA today, partial mash, full boil. Everything went great, no problems, smooth all the way. I get the wort into my primary bucket and take the gravity reading and get 1.044 (adjusted). According to the AHS recipe and Beersmith I should have come out with a 1.051 OG. I...
  3. I

    Question Regarding Partial Boils

    Does it matter *how* partial a boil it is? My stove cannot heat 5 gallons of water to a boil...at least if it can, it can't do it in less than an hour. It can however heat 3 gallons of water to a boil. So if I were to make this recipe using 3 gallons of water in the pot instead of 1...
  4. TVarmy

    Are two stockpots filled to 2.5 gal as good as a full boil?

    After reading about how full boils are better than partial boils, particularly in terms of hops utilization and flavor, I'd really like to take advantage of it. I have an approximately 20 quart stockpot and a 16 quart pressure canner (that can be a pot without the lid, naturally). If I split...