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  1. Blobbio

    Sodium Metabisulfite for sterilization

    So since its summer where i live i wanted to make a cider from pineapple juice and the only way to get said juice would be for me to process it myself, however im a bit worried about the natural yeasties and bacteria on the pineapples. I remember City Steading Brews using campden tablets which...
  2. W

    Adding fruit juice to the secondary. How much? Do I need to sanitize?

    Currently planning out a grapefruit wheat and decided to go with store-bought 100% grapefruit juice as my method for adding the flavor. My current plan is to add it to the secondary, but my question is how much should I do and should I be sanitizing the juice in any way prior to adding it? It's...
  3. J

    Problems with trying to create a Wheat Berry Beer

    Hey all, I am trying to create a wheat berry beer. I have some pasteurized black berry juice with sugar. I ferment the beer normally and then transfer the beer to a secondary. I add several ounces of the blackberry juice to the beer and let it set for several days. It appears to continue...
  4. ghast

    Adding fruit on start of fermentation vs end of fermentation

    Hello everyone, I've been recently transitioning from brewing beer to making mead (done a few braggots), so i'm still a newbie. So, I wanted to know if adding fruit or fruit juice before pitching the yeast will be different if I added it about three weeks after fermentation already started. I...
  5. P

    Fruit for a summer shandy

    I'm looking to begin crafting a recipe for a summer shandy and I have seen several different methods of adding fruit. Most go with added fruit to secondary, some to the boil last 10 minutes or so. I've seen some that add fruit juice to the keg. What are some of the benefits of each?? I'm...